C.O.S.H.H & Training


C.O.S.H.H. stands for The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health and is a piece of Health and Safety legislation dealing solely with the cleaning products used to carry out cleaning services.

In delivering a cleaning service, a wide range of cleaning products are used, most of which need to be stored in your building at all times.

In most cases, it is possible to store these products securely, safely, and out of the reach of users of the buildings. Unfortunately, this is not the case in all buildings. With the obvious risks to safety that this poses, managers must produce a comprehensive risk assessment for every product stored on site.

These risk assessments deal with the risks posed by each individual product and identify the necessary control measures to be adopted on site to remove or minimise those risks. Of course, all of the products if stored, handled and used correctly, are completely safe and pose no significant risk to users.

All C.O.S.H.H. data sheets can be found on our Downloads page and are available in English, Spanish, Polish & French.


The Jangro Solution is a unique training package covering all aspects of Health and Safety within the workplace that will ensure the success of your operation, by enabling the provision of a high quality service with controlled costs.

As the training package covers all aspects of Health and Safety within the workplace; you can be assured that your operatives are working efficiently, using the right products at appropriate dilutions, using the correct equipment in suitable areas, and following approved techniques in a regime that meets Health & Safety requirements.

There are 11 sections offering a complete back up service for your training requirements which include:

  • Biohazards
  • Carpet Care
  • Colour Coding and Infection Control
  • Health & Safety
  • Kitchen Hygiene
  • Washroom Hygiene
  • Introduction to Equipment
  •  pH Scale and Cleaning Agents
  • Introduction to Cleaning
  • C.O.S.H.H Awareness 
  • Floor Care

Please see our sample training videos which are available on our Downloads page.

The Jangro Solution is available in a variety of languages, with each section provided in a variety of media, including:

Training Videos                         Training CDs             Training Manuals        Video Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations     Training Courses      Wall Charts                  Certificates