All aboard the Jangro Bus

Jangro Bus 2018

Following its success at London’s Cleaning Show last year, we are excited to announce that the Jangro Bus is back on tour in 2018! Its first destination will be Stand A32 at the Manchester Cleaning Show, taking place on he 11th and 12th April at Event City.

We have lots to share this year, from sustainable cleaning supplies to sweet treats and a barista service on board the bus. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store:

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Cleaning to improve health

Infection Control ChecklistYears ago, a cleaner’s job was to ensure that whatever they were cleaning looked clean. Fast forward to 2018, and cleaning is no longer just for appearance, in fact this year, there is a noticeable trend towards cleaning for health, where the goal is to minimise the potentially negative impact cleaning has on building occupants and operatives themselves, and help reduce the spread of bacteria.

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3 ways cleaning businesses can prevent plastic waste

Jangro Enviro PlasticPlastic waste has never been in the headlines more since being highlighted on the BBC’s Blue Planet 2 and PM Theresa May’s subsequent unveiling of her government’s 25-year environmental plan. The plan focussed heavily on plastic waste, which she called “one of the great environmental scourges of our time”. With much of this waste ending up in our waterways and oceans, and one in three fish caught in the English Channel containing pieces of plastic, it is clear that plastic waste must be reduced.

But how can the cleaning industry help this cause – after all, we work in an industry that relies heavily on products safely housed in plastic containers? Toilet cleaner, disinfectant, floor cleaning fluids and more are all usually supplied in plastic bottles! Here at Jangro, we take a responsible stance to ensure we minimise the landfill burden, and positively encourage both our customers and suppliers to make eco-friendly choices wherever possible. So here are our top three tips on how businesses can help prevent plastic waste.

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